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Formula impact smart girls page

formula impact smart girls page

Page 1 organizations to the revision of SMART Moves, an important component of . Implementing this program in accord with BGCA's Formula for Impact.
Smart Girls helps girls develop and adopt a healthy attitude and lifestyle, as well as acquire and maintain a positive self-concept, sound decision-making skills.
Anacortes Club SMART Girls learn about healthy and delicious food choices. An outgrowth of the SMART Girls – Fact Sheet .. FORMULA FOR IMPACT...

Formula impact smart girls page travel

Logos are available in the following formats for Windows and. INVEST IN OUR KIDS. Club alumni should be well-rounded individuals and a walking testament to what a successful program has to offer. Additionally, from information collected from our Youth Outcome Surveys and Parent Surveys, we found that:. Great Futures Start Here. The Girls also discussed how some words that might be used to describe a friend can have more than one meaning. Maybe you really love sharing your interest in photography.
formula impact smart girls page

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Formula impact smart girls page tri

When groups talk about friendship, they often discuss what qualities to look for in a good friend. Critical thinking and teamwork were key skills, as was creativity for the more difficult letters such as Q, X and Z. Over the course of the SMART Girls session, several topics were discussed such as nutrition, exercise, the importance of volunteering in the community, body changes, relationships, friendships and the importance of setting goals in regards to health, academics and relationships with others. Jill Gatto from Skagit Valley Hospital talked to the girls about what a day in the life of a surgical assistant looks like. By focusing on leadership and service, Clubs members will be better prepared to thrive as adults and contribute to our community. Club members experience the healthy and correct way to eat and exercise daily.

formula impact smart girls page