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Forums discuss coming citalopram

forums discuss coming citalopram

Hi all, Hi been taking citalopram 20mg for a year now, but I've decided The time is right to Can I do myself lasting damage coming off them with uncontrolled .. this subject on many other people's threads in the Mental Health forum as well.
Coming off citalopram. I've been on citalopram for 7 years. I decided to slowly come off 6 months ago. Then 5 weeks ago I have come off them.
Hi everyone, I have decided to make this new forum because i want people who have been prescribed Citalopram (to help them with.

Forums discuss coming citalopram - going easy

Wishing you the best of luck with these tablets… and especially so with surviving a Reception level class at the same time!!! Hi I've not been on here In a while because I've been feeling great! All this for a tablet ey? I shall ride the storm.

forums discuss coming citalopram

Oh, I am also finding it useful to write my feelings down at the end if the day and find that I am improving slowly but surely, baby steps. Earn badges and reputation. They did help but I did feel life was a bit of a haze and not totally real. Especially in combinAtion with citalapram. The last time i tried in the same way, i had violent moods swings - gave up after a day and went back to full dose.

Forums discuss coming citalopram -- going

Like Like Hi, thanks for posting this. He said its probably inherited. These tablets are amazing when on the rite dose, do stick with them, but like all meds it might not work for you, give it a good try, if no better do see your gp. Hoping things carry on getting better! But the mornings are and still are awful.

Forums discuss coming citalopram traveling easy

I have calmed down a bit but have been yawning alot and feeling as though i need to stretch. Will this go away with time or should I increase my dose?