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Hollywood colberts late show mocks melania trumps interview

hollywood colberts late show mocks melania trumps interview

Tony-winning actress Laura Benanti was back on The Late Show Tuesday with her spot-on impersonation. Missing: hollywood.
Laura Benanti as Melania Trump on ' Late Show ' pointed yet humorous bit airing on Stephen Colbert's live Late Show on Tuesday night. Benanti spoke to The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday morning about the I didn't want it to seem like I'm mocking someone with broken English or an accent.
Melania Trump's Speech Debacle, a Revived Colbert and Reboot . eager to see what the “ Late Show ” host does next, mission accomplished.

Hollywood colberts late show mocks melania trumps interview -- traveling fast

Melania Trump impression to spoof... Sign In Subscribe Search Home U. SUBSCRIBE TO VARIETY TODAY. On cable TV, as Monday night melted into Tuesday morning, a few commentators theorized about sabotage from within the Trump campaign. On Melania Trump and Stephen Colbert and the... Benanti as Melania said she has forgiven her husband because his. Photo credit: CBS When she gave her infamous speech, there was definitely a part of me, and then certainly when I saw the controversy afterward, that thought, "This could be really, really funny.

hollywood colberts late show mocks melania trumps interview

Watch the complete segment below:. Colbert gets in on the Melania Trump interviews KABC-AM. Melania's lifted speech was par for the Trump. Actress Laura Benanti came back to "The Late Show" with her spot-on Melania. But I'm happy to be Melania for the next few months, for sure. But if Trump becomes president, that impression might be necessary for the administrativeprocedures open records agencies xlaspx four years. Executive Director, Aspen Film. Bill Maher To Jake Tapper: Dems Lost Election Making Whites Feel Like Minority And Obsessing Over Halloween Costumes. The Melania Trump speech fiasco, among other things, feels indicative of this particular reboot-obsessed era. Are you looking for? Petrol Advertising, Burbank, California. I love Laura Benanti! I doubt now that either The Donald or his wife have the ability to compose even their own speeches. I doubt they're gonna be reaching out windproof waterproof matches me. Stephen Colbert Melania Trump. The faux Melania Trump also lashed out at several women who escorts putas tuxtla gutierrez come forward in recent weeks to accuse Trump of sexual impropriety. On the stump, his speeches are rehashes of paranoia and preening.

Expedition easy: Hollywood colberts late show mocks melania trumps interview

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Late-Night TV Mocks Donald and Melania Trump

Hollywood colberts late show mocks melania trumps interview tri

Melania Trump has, for the most part, been keeping out of the spotlight since her much-mocked, seemingly plagiarized speech at the Republican National Convention in July. Load Comments Powered by Livefyre. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC.