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News optimising quality tuber initiation

news optimising quality tuber initiation

This process is vital during tuber initiation and bulking. among many choices available, to optimize plant health and potato yield, quality, taste.
The numbers of potato tubers produced by each potato plant is influenced by Phosphate availability at tuber initiation is important to ensure maximum tuber.
NEWS & VIEWS — Special Series Growing healthy potatoes for maximum yield and quality requires that all the the season will suppress tuber initiation, reduce yields, and . Balanced nutrition is provided to optimize efficiency and...

News optimising quality tuber initiation traveling

Yara has developed many tools and services to share our knowledge on optimizing yield and quality. Influencing Potato Tuber Numbers. About About us Advertise with us Work for us Terms of use Privacy policy Cookie policy. V isit Pro-Cal product page for full applications rates and timings. Potassium can influence the numbers of tubers which are set and the form of Potassium is also important.

news optimising quality tuber initiation

Influencing Potato Tuber Size. Restrictions to availability in the soil. Low levels of magnesium will reduce the starch content of tubers and protein levels that affect the taste of the cooked potato. Study from England showing the effect of potassium form on increasing total tuber numbers. Yara App for IPads. Search for a product hair dynamix salon selecting the application mode, nutrients and brands. These patches will turn brown as the deficiency continues.

News optimising quality tuber initiation -- going easy

Its low application rates and concentrated formula make it ideal for crops with shorter growing cycles such as leafy salads, lettuce and herbs. Rates will depend on soil type and soil test results. Availability therefore is further restricted in humid conditions when transpiration rates are reduced. CaPITAL uses phosphite, the highly mobile form of phosphorus to aid the transportation and delivery of Calcium to maintain quality and improve crop storage characteristics. The key to efficient calcium application. Cereals and oilseeds: Several pests to be on the look-out for in coming weeks. However, in hot, dry climates, where true yield potential and desired tuber size has not been met, additional nitrogen can maintain canopy growth and prolong bulking.

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The pathogens which cause common scab do not start to build up on the surface of the tuber until two to three weeks after initiation in less susceptible varieties, which gives growers more of a window. When you over-water early in the season, the soil has a limited capacity for water and you can end up with over-wet patches that can cause problems such as powdery scab, blackleg or tuber cracking. Yara Australia Product Literature.