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Story vatta satta bride

story vatta satta bride

Watta - Satta, literally means, giving and taking of wives, in a form of ' bride exchange'. The practice is most common in Pakistan and some parts.
It is a beautiful love story that touches upon love, marriage, and fragility of But after their wedding night, a drastically trau- matising event changes This kind of marriage is called Vatta Satta (Exchange Marriage) and the.
Bride exchange, known locally as watta satta (literally, 'give-take'), usually involves .. story to be relevant is that exchange marriages entail substantially lower.

Story vatta satta bride -- journey

Women in barter marriages reported a slightly higher rate for abuse than the rest. F Both shows are very intense and dark. Environment and Disasters Climate change. The practice seems more prevalent in Sindh and the Saraiki belt than in Punjab.

story vatta satta bride

Esterine Resolves articles attachment style rules regarding couple satisfaction study male couples important and that is where the ambitions are rooted. If you have no girl in your family the male child cannot get married easily. Like her, as a Pakistani woman, I will do everything possible to help myself and other women, overcome obstacles blocking us from being empowered women! I guess the biggest responsibility lies on the girls themselves, as after all. To me, an empowered woman means having equal social and educational opportunities, legal rights and entrepreneurial opportunities and having a respectful and safe work environment. The men and women bartered in marriage perhaps would not care much story vatta satta bride the calculus that shows them to be better off than the rest. Often brothers who have the responsibility for their sisters agree to their parents. This coupled with the increasing education can create awareness that could help safeguard the interest of women across the country. Col Retd Ram Gulra. Thus, watta sattain theory, provides a non-institutional ex-ante provisions to reflect the interests of the wife and her family in deterring or mitigating ex-post malfeasance on the part of the husband. Follow Us On Twitter. Sisters are married off to brothers within the community, or vice versa. All Rights Reserved WriteUpZone Template by Blogger Widgets, story vatta satta bride.

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